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25 January 2014 @ 06:38 pm
[sticky post] HELLO!  
Welcome to je_cookiedaysx!

There's nothing much to introduce about ourselves, so we only have a few things to say.

/edit 23 June 2010
1. All posts are locked! So you must join in order to see the stuffs!!! There's no need to introduce yourselves here or whatsoever, JUST CLICK THE JOIN BUTTON! (:
2. Try not to repost outside the comm. We are afraid of getting caught by the police (if you haven't heard about the case of a 15 year old boy getting caught by the police for scanning manga, please go and read up). But we are not so strict about it as yet, just trying to take precautions as much as possible.
3. No ONLINE STREAMING (esp official videos if there's any) or selling!!! If you want to sell the subs, please include us in your business. (:
4. We love comments!
5. Membership for the comm is open! There's no need to request for membership.

That's all!!!


on a side note, if you wish to see subtitles from happydaysx (since she does 90% of the work), PLEASE HELP US FIND A TRANSLATOR (japanese-english. it's okay if your english is not perfect. we have our ways)!! interested please PM happydaysx! We'd probably sub everything alive (if we are interested in the video that is).

and we need someone who is willing to share their translated work with everyone else. (:

with love,
the both of us.
25 January 2011 @ 01:45 pm

which means..
don't worry, I am not closing the comm down or what.


okay thank you for your support all these while. and please continue to support us! Unfortunately, I have NOTHING to offer today! Don't scold me.

that's all.

I know this post is pretty redundant,
Christine says BYE